Xm radio stuck on updating

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And then you get an outer circle of people go on cable television networks and repeat them and then you get a third circle and a fourth circle. It's sort of, it's like a series of ripples from a central campaign that is experimented. That was so successful for the Russians that why wouldn't they try it again. AMT: And so you're saying the Republican Party needs to take a step back and look after its own survival here, as opposed to Trump's survival. They have needs, especially when there is nothing, no food or no clean water. says nearly 300,000 people rely on the road for travel, food and medicine. I am a girl.” I said “We have to, Bana, we don't have anything.” BANA ALABED: When the winter finish like there is more boys. And when you are just moving from house to house to keep your family safe.DAVID FRUM: The Republican party long after Donald Trump ends up in whatever faith he is. We are right, you are wrong.” DAVID FRUM: Well I don't know what is… VOICE: In Syria bombs are falling on Aleppo this morning the U. says more than 200 people have been killed since the regime launched a new offensive. BANA ALABED: [Coughing] [Through Twitter]Hello my friends. Stand with Aleppo and in the siege I will try to be alive on Sunday, if there is no bombing and it is good. VOICE 2: Human rights groups and eyewitnesses say pro-Syrian government forces have closed the only road leading into and out of the city of Aleppo. FATEMAH: When we heard that there a siege we tried to not make our family suffer. [Sound: Engine] VOICE: A convoy of trucks loaded with food and medicine on the move, delivering desperately needed supplies to parts of Syria, but not to Aleppo. And I really hope no one has this experience in his life.SOUNDCLIP Today's announcement has nothing to do with The President, has nothing to do with the president's campaign. So is this a mere distraction or the start of an unraveling? Also today while Washington still debates the level of Russian involvement in U. politics, Vladimir Putin's fingerprints are all over Ukraine. MICA MOSBACHER: To some degree I'd been expecting this.

But for as long as she kept tweeting Bana's posts helped bring a seemingly intractable civil war into the clarifying perspective of a child's eye view. They've been given safe passage out of Aleppo to Idlib Province, another parts of Syria under opposition control. The bus move and we feel happy that nothing happened to us. We are now going.: BANA ALABED: When we reach there, my brothers say it is paradise. We ate so much things because we was feeling very happy. I hope that day will come that we will see a country that is rebuilt and people reborn. [Music: Theme] Back To Top » SOUNDCLIP When the terrible conditions came, that is in December-January, the worst one in February ’33. Every morning the wagon, corps wagon, was stopping at every house and shouting “anybody has died overnight”.But first to a modern day siege and an inspiring survivor. Civilians are leaving too, as many as 2000 have already boarded buses… BANA ALABED: When it stopped, we feel scared like something good will happen to us. FATEMAH: This is the scared moment for us because we were in the siege, in the regime area.AMT: Just seven years old and trapped in the middle of a civil war. But Bana, with the help of her mom, Fatemah, started sending messages out on social media. FATEMAH: When we get on the buses and the bus start moving but suddenly it is stopped. We were waiting and waiting, hour, two hours, five hours. FATEMAH: We don't prepare ourself that we will stay all this time. At any time maybe the regime will take us, maybe they will bump us because we are all in their heads.It dates all the way back to actually under the President Obama's administration.And I wanted to draw the viewers’ attention to paragraph 21 in the indictment. DAVID FRUM: What happened, Monday is an important chapter. Until now we've been in pre-history of this investigation.

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