Windows mobile updating

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I really like playing around with the various options to create my own designs, in a way that I don't with other phone operating systems.Widgets are still missing though – and that's one of the reasons Windows can't compete with Android.There's plenty of flexibility here, and you can also choose the colours to really make your home screen your own.Changing the colour of particular tiles will also change related icons elsewhere in the OS, such as the key software apps in the Start menu.

I particularly like setting a photo as the background and then setting the transparency on about 75%, so that I can just about see the tiles.So does the Windows 10 Mobile software live up to the hype?We've been playing around with it on different devices to pick out the highlights and lowlights, and to see how it compares to the previous version of Microsoft's mobile OS, Windows Phone 8.1.Here in mobile phone world we sat idly by in the weeks following the July release of Windows 10, waiting for Windows 10 Mobile.It finally appeared just in time to sneak in as a 2015 release, and its availability is still fairly limited – as are some features.

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